Seek explanations of the natural world’s magic tricks — how trees convert sunlight into a feast; how a prescribed drug reverses a deadly illness; how genes can help prevent disease.

By learning how to apply chemical principles to biological systems, our biochemistry majors receive excellent preparation for professional schools in health-related fields, industry jobs and graduate programs.

Students get hands-on opportunities through our well-supported research programs – which allows them to explore their interests through a variety of projects.

Our students learn to use scientific literature and communicate scientific information effectively. (Think lead-scientist status, not just another scientist.) Many biochemistry majors also pursue minors in fields such as Global Public Health. Biochemistry is offered as a bachelor of science degree. 

Biochemistry News

  • Episode 22: March 5, 2021

    Meet the Trustees’ Scholars in the Class of 2025: Bailey Evans of Indianapolis (1:50), Christian Moreno Ayuso of Chicago (3:40), Damilare Olusoga of Chicago (6:45) and Mia Martino of Palatine, Illinois (10:02).
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  • Finding a College ‘Where Everyone Knows You’

    A familiar face helped Damilare Olusoga wind up a Trustees’ Scholar.
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  • Episode 13: Nov. 20, 2020

    Biochemistry major Logan Evans ’21 and chemistry professor Brad Sturgeon discuss research advantages available to Monmouth students; educational studies professor Craig Vivian explains how the new open-air classroom at the Educational Farm helps area children learn more about nature and their environment.
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  • Global Public Health

    Minor inSolving world problems.

  • Kieft Scholars