Academic Plan

Sample Four Year Plan: Exercise Science Major—Pre Athletic Training Department of Kinesiology

First Year


EXSC 160 or EXSC 140 & EXSC 130


ENGL 110 or COMM 101

CHEM 140

EXSC 160 or EXSC 140 & EXSC 130

ENGL 110 or COMM 101

MATH 141 (if required)

PSYC 101

Second Year


EXSC 280 or EXSC-251

INTG 2XX Global Perspective

BIOL 150

STAT 201

EXSC 280 or EXSC-251

MATH 151

BIOC 201

BIOL 200

Third Year


EXSC 330 or EXSC-325

INTG 3XX Reflections

BIOL 204

PHYS 130

EXSC-325 or EXSC-330

BIOL 325

EXSC 315

CLAS 225

Fourth Year



INTG 4XX Citizenship

EXSC 340

Foreign language


Beauty and Meaning requirement

General Elective

Foreign language

*Student must have at least 32 total course credits for graduation.

Major Electives, 4.0 Course Credits Required

EXSC 315 Biomechanics

EXSC 340 Strength & Conditioning

EXSC 360 Health Promotion

EXSC 420 Independent Study

EXSC 421 Organization & Administration

PHED 301 Coaching Principles & Methods (0.5)

PHED 303 Coaching of Basketball (0.5)

PHED 306 Coaching of Football (0.5)

Select EXSC or PHED topics courses

BIOL 150 Investigating Biological Concepts

BIOL 204 Human Anatomy & Physiology*

BIOL 325 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology*

CHEM 140 General Chemistry

CHEM 101 Food & Nutrition Chemistry

BIOC 201 Principles of Nutrition*

BUSI 105 Intro to Commerce

BUSI 201 Intro to Business Problem Solving

BUSI 307 Principles of Marketing*

ECON 200 Principles of Economics

PSYC 216 Learning & Memory*

PSYC 239 Health Psychology*

PSYC 243 Mind, Brain, Behavior*

GPHS 101 Intro to Public Health

GPHS 105 Epidemiology

MATH 151 is a co/prerequisite for the Physics classes.

*Course has a prerequisite

Some general education requirements and electives do not necessarily have to be taken in this sequence. Please meet with an advisor for scheduling and four-year plan assistance.

Students should look at the requirements for the schools they plan to apply to so a compatible 4-year plan can be devised. Additionally, students should speak to a pre-health advisor to devise a curriculum that will make them a strong applicant for MATR school.

Most MATR schools require the pre-requisites to be completed by time of application. Therefore, the requirements for each school should be completed by fall semester of senior year.

In addition to coursework, MATR schools require 50 hours of documented observation in a clinical setting before beginning the MATR program.