Asian studies minor requirements

The Asian studies minor requires a minimum of 5 course credits.

One required introductory course

ASIA 100 Introduction to Asian Studies

Four electives that collectively meet the following criteria:

Courses from at least two geographical regions within Asia (China, Japan, Korea, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East)

Courses must come from at least two other departments in addition to ASIA 100.

At least two courses should be 200-level or above, taught from any department approved by the Asian studies minor coordinators.

Approved electives

General Asia

HIST 301 Topics in Asian History
PHIL/RELG 300 Philosophy and Religions of Asia
RELG/ANTH 260 Cultures of the Middle East


ARTD 250 Japanese Art and Design Concepts
ARTD 350 Contemporary Japanese Art
HIST 141 Introduction to China
HIST 188 History of the Samurai
HIST 241 Japan’s Royal Court
HIST 242 Japanese Artifacts and Architecture
JAPN 101 Elementary Japanese I
JAPN 102 Elementary Japanese II
JAPN 201 Intermediate Japanese
POLS 202 Modern Japan


CHNS 101 Elementary Chinese I
CHNS 102 Elementary Chinese II
CHNS 201 Intermediate Chinese
HIST 141 Introduction to China
COMM 250 Special Topics in Communication
COMM 350 Special Topics in Communication
POLS 205 Contemporary China

Additionally, up to 4.0 course credits taken through study abroad programs in Asia may be applied to the minor.

Other courses may be approved at the discretion of the program coordinator.