ARMT 237. Arts Management Marketing and Public Relations 1.0 course credit

Study of marketing, public/media relations, and promotion as they relate to arts organizations. This course will serve as an alternate prerequisite for PUBR 363, PUBR 367.

ARMT 337. Arts Management Leadership 1.0 course credit

This course will include study of arts management history, organizational structure, leadership, finance and fundraising.

ARMT 497. Internship in Arts Management 0.5 course credit

An experience designed to allow students to independently demonstrate competence and to help prepare them for employment. Prerequisite: Junior standing and consent of instructor.

BUSI 105. Introduction to Commerce 1.0 course credit

Modern commercial institutions and business methods are examined. Analysis includes both domestic and global economic, social and political considerations. U.S. economic history is also examined. May include case study of a specific industry over time.

BUSI 307. Principles of Marketing 1.0 course credit

A basic study of the ways in which businesses determine consumers’ needs and direct the flow of goods and services. Case analyses are used to develop students’ problem-solving abilities. Prerequisites: BUSI 105 or PUBR 241, and ECON 200.

ECON 200. Principles of Economics 1.0 course credit

Basic principles and processes in micro- and macro-economics are surveyed; production, market structures, consumption patterns, role of competition and prices; determinants of national income, employment, inflation, and exchange values and role of monetary and fiscal policy.

PUBR 267. Layout and Design 1.0 course credit

A study of design and layout concepts as they apply to print and electronic communication. Applications include Web site design and the creation and implementation of media projects (promotional graphics, printed materials, photo illustrations). Combines application of communication theory with practice in developing successful projects. Prerequisite: COMM 101.

PUBR 363. Media and Public Relations Writing 1.0 course credit

A broadcast media and public relations writing course providing practical experience in the creation of commercial and noncommercial materials for radio, television, print and news media. Prerequisite: COMM 260 or PUBR 241 or approval of the instructor. Offered each semester.