Arts Management

Prepare for a career that helps the arts survive and thrive. Learn how to raise money for and promote the arts.

The world is a better place because of artists, dancers, writers, and musicians. But these creative professionals often need help and support from organizations (like museums, theatres and symphonies), and these organizations need leaders to help them raise money, market and advertise, and plan for the future. 

We prepare graduates to navigate the business and artistic sides of arts organizations

We help students build expertise in organizational governance, administration and management, focusing on the unique challenges of arts organizations. The arts management minor is is designed to complement majors in the arts, but it also pairs well with business, communication studies and educational studies.

Creativity happens in the studio, on stage and in the front office

The goals of the arts management minor are to provide entry-level skills in marketing management for arts organizations, to provide management and leadership skills for those who aspire to lead arts organizations, and to recognize the challenges of managing nonprofit organizations

By bringing together students and faculty from a variety of disciplines, including art, music and theatre, we open discussion on similarities and differences in managing arts organizations. The program also provides opportunities to explore areas such as advocacy, philanthropy and community outreach.

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