Academic Plan

Art Major


Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Freshman Year

INTG 101 (ILA)

ENGL 110

COMM 101


Foreign Language at 102 level



ARTD 110 Foundational Drawing (1)



ARTD 111 Design (1)


Sophomore Year

Lab Science

ARTD Elective (1)1

ARTD Elective (1)1


ARTD 200 Art History Survey I (1)

ARTD Elective (1)


Junior Year


ARTD 201 Art History Survey II (1)

ARTD Elective (1)


ARTD 325 Junior Critique (.5)

ARTD Elective (.5)



Senior Year


ARTD 425 Senior Critique (.5)

ARTD Elective (.5)

ARTD 450 Exhibition (1)

ARTD Elective (1)


Prior to graduation students must take

A course satisfying the Beauty and Meaning in Works of Art requirement (can overlap with ARTD courses)

A course satisfying the lab Science requirement

A course satisfying the QRP requirement


· BOLD indicates that students are strongly recommended to take this course during this term

·· Regular type indicates flexibility when course is taken


Art Majors should evenly spread out their ARTD electives over their last six semesters so that they can best be prepared for the Junior and Senior Critique course (ARTD 325 and 425) the final Senior Exhibition that is part of ARTD 450.

Reminder: No more than 13 credits in a single department will count toward graduation.

Students wishing to study abroad for a full semester are encouraged to do so in the fall of year 3. ARTD 201 can then be moved to the fall semester of year 4.