No one sees things exactly as you do. Put your experiences, your intelligence, your humor, your fear, your hope on display.

Our goal is to shape artistic vision and prepare students for a life of experience with visual art through systematic development of their visual sensitivity and technical skills in studio practice.

Grounded in art history, expanded through studio work

The goals for students who participate in art department courses are to develop an appreciation of the elements of art and the principles of design in artworks, understand the techniques, art materials, tools and processes used in various media, understand how viewing and interpreting artworks is enhanced by knowledge of the content of art and understand art, including their own, in a historical context.

Courses emphasize creative problem-solving, develop artistry and craftsmanship, and enhance mindfulness and professionalism. Explore and learn in ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography and sculpture. 

Art Teachers Inspire

So many artists credit an inspiring art teacher as being why they pursued a life of art. The Art Education major that leads to Visual Arts PK-12 Teacher Licensure allows you to carry on the legacy of inspiring the artists of the future.

Art Talks

You don’t have to be an art major to create big art on campus! Check out the inspiration behind these three installations from the 2022 spring semester. 


Art News

  • Episode No. 30: April 5, 2024

    A preview of “The Eight,” the 2023-24 senior art show, with art professor Stacy Lotz and art seniors Charlie Conkle, Grace Cornelius, Eli Douglass, Michael Gonzalez, Joshua Hinkle, Z Kendall, Alivia Palicki and Emma Seybold.

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  • ‘The Eight’

    Octet of senior art majors come together to create diverse exhibition, which will be on display in Everett Gallery April 8-May 8.

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  • Passionate About ASAP, Football

    Monmouth’s Jackson Dempich shines in his roles as coffeehouse manager, football manager.

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  • Off-Campus Experiences