Analyze the past. Forecast the future. Give heads-up financial advice. Accountants help us make sense of where our money has been, where it should go, and how we can make the most of it.

Our accounting program prepares graduates for a wide variety of careers and pathways with a rigorous course of study in the accounting discipline coupled with a strong foundation in the liberal arts. Our goal is to develop skilled problem-solvers — well-trained accountants who don’t just know spreadsheets but who have the critical thinking skills to analyze data and make values judgements, and the communication skills to work effectively with colleagues and clients. 

We’re about the big picture

Mastering a myriad of technical accounting details is important, but our program is about more than that. Our courses challenge students to consider the context of those details and how that might inform their work. Accounting knowledge and measurements are developed in an environment that is continuously evolving in response to political, social and economic factors.

We offer courses that explore the historic reasons for current practices, evaluate alternative measurement models, and discuss ethical values affecting the accounting profession. Our goal is to prepare students for any kind of position in the accounting profession. 

And we’re really good at it

In addition to internship, shadowing and alumni networking opportunities, our students get a leg up with early experience in tax preparation as part of our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.

Our success in graduating students who go to to fulfilling and rewarding careers speaks for itself. 

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