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Brinton Vincent ’13

ACI-Kemper Foundation Liberal Arts in Business Intern
Brinton Vincent completed an ACI-Kemper Foundation Liberal Arts in Business Internship this past summer. Brinton will be graduating this semester with a double major in Communications and Spanish. His internship was at the Hillcrest Event Center in Orion, IL where he used social and traditional media to market the center’s activities. The ACI-Kemper Foundation Liberal Arts in Business program took him beyond practicing the specific skills required to achieve his employer’s public relations objectives. The program included a great online course in business basics including finance, accounting, and other management disciplines which helped Brinton understand how to be more effective as an intern and ultimately in whatever career or profession that he chooses. The internship stipend that he received through the ACI-Kemper foundation, made this opportunity financially feasible. Brinton was recently asked to attend the ACI’s 61st Annual Public Forum in Chicago, IL where he had the honor of introducing Donald G. Southwell, Chairman, President and CEO of Kemper Corporation.

To learn more about the ACI-Kemper Foundation Liberal Arts in Business Program, including the application process, please contact the Wackerle Center at or 309-457-2115,