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Alternative Spring Break

Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge

March 9-16

Huntsville, Alabama 


Habitat for Humanity:

If you like the outdoors Huntsville has an abundance of hiking, caves and white water rafting.  If you like the big city, Nashville is just a short drive away.  We have close to 50 families in our program and they all need a safe, decent home.  Projects will range from new construction to renovation to giving the ReStore a facelift.  We will work from 8-4 so if you are not too tired you will have some time to enjoy the local BBQ and sip some "sweet tea".


While the Habitat for Humanity project will take up a majority of our trip, we will also have evenings and a few weekend days where we will be able to explore the Huntsville, and Nashville, TN areas. Students who reserve their spot will have the option of working together to create a plan for our free time. These may include dining options, entertainment, tours, additional volunteer projects and many more.


To submit your reservation fee, please contact the Office of Student Involvement at 309-457-2268, or