Raices, is in essence the Spanish word for roots.  We choose to be called Raices because an individual has roots.  The various ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious backgrounds that each entity has is not only welcomed by the organization, but embraced as one of its many facets that shape it into what it is.  Raices is an organization that is dedicated to reach out to various groups by uniting those from a plethora of backgrounds in one cause.  To increase awareness of our fellow brothers and sisters, to open our minds towards distinct ways of seeing one another and appreciating the various colors that each individual provides, to the collage of this and many other countries around the world.


The Underground


President: Yesica Alvarez
Vice President: Valeria Diaz de Leon
Treasurer: Lidia Temores
Secretary: Yaritza Navarrete
Treasurer: Lidia Temores
Senator: Manuel Leon
Advisor: Carina Vasquez, Ruby Pentsil-Bukari

Contact Information:

318 North Ninth Street
Monmouth, Illinois 61462

Organization Details:

Elects Officers: August
Status: Recognized Student Organization