What to Wear

During Formal Recruitment the question always comes up "What do I wear to the events?"  The following are just suggestions about what to wear.



Informational Meetings
Attire: Casual
Dress casually and comfortably. Cool, lightweight materials, sandals and tennis shoes
are appropriate footwear.

Casual Attire.

First Parties
Attire: Informal
A casual dress or lightweight pants are recommended. Comfortable shoes.
Informal Attire.

Second Parties
Attire: Semi-formal
Wear skirts, nice pants or casual dress. Be sure to wear something comfortable and cool.

Semi-formal Attire.

Final Parties
Attire: Formal
A nice dress that you would wear to a wedding or a special event would be appropriate. Formal dresses are too dressy.

Attire: White Dress
Note: If you do not have one arrangements can be made.