Build an environment

that promotes

active learning

We will engage our students and faculty in active learning—in and out of the classroom—through shared research projects, small class settings, travel opportunities, and local internships.

Our students will participate in co-curricular activities that will help them discover their interests and talents, develop leadership skills through membership in student organizations and athletic teams, and become exposed to cultures and ideas that might otherwise remain foreign to them.

The residential liberal arts college still has a critical role to play. Immersion in an academic community cannot be duplicated in a virtual environment.

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Inspire students to lead

and serve society using

democratic principles

We believe, as did our founders, that a liberal arts education provides a fertile ground for an effective democracy. To that end, we will fully implement our integrated studies curriculum that builds to a capstone experience in active citizenry. We will create a campus environment that instills in our students the ability and desire to construct arguments that are as civil as they are persuasive.

Through coursework and co-curricular programming designed to develop persuasive writing and verbal skills, along with a strong appreciation for teamwork, we will prepare and inspire our students to become active members of local and global communities. Monmouth graduates will have the ability to lead when necessary. They will be known for their excellent communication skills, as well as their ability to analyze complex issues, identify risks, and propose logical solutions.

Our students will have a strong voice on campus and will actively contribute to the vitality of our community and region.

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Prepare students

to solve

complex problems

We will make interdisciplinary learning the signature element of a Monmouth College education. Building on our innovative core curriculum that focuses on this integration of knowledge, we developed a national reputation for expanding general education with interdisciplinary courses in global perspectives, reflections, and citizenship. Our Center for Science and Business, currently under construction, will combine the sciences, mathematics, business, and accounting in a single facility that invites collaboration among traditionally separate disciplines.

In addition, we will focus our efforts on helping our students understand the complex interactions between our Midwest region and the global economy.

Monmouth develops leaders who can take a broader perspective, devise long-range plans, and coordinate the contributions of others.

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Guide students to

discover meaningful careers

and purpose in life

Monmouth education is a sound investment, providing the groundwork for both increased earning potential and a rewarding life. Realizing that its graduates will spend nearly five decades in the work force, Monmouth is committed to helping students discover their path to personal and career satisfaction. We do this by encouraging them to explore different academic disciplines, participate in a variety of activities, and reflect on what they find most interesting and energizing. Even more important, we believe that as we help students discern their vocation, we will also be preparing them to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

By continually enhancing and expanding opportunities for internships, career counseling, alumni involvement, faculty mentoring, and spiritual reflection, we will commit all of our human capital and capabilities towards increased student success. We will ensure that our students make thoughtful career decisions and develop their minds for fulfilling intellectual and spiritual lives.

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