Head Resident Job Description

Expectations of All Residence Life Staff:
  • To be responsible in his/her dealings with all persons -- other students, staff, faculty, and administrators;

  • To be available at all times, particularly to the residents of the hall;

  • To be present at all staff meetings, in-service or other gatherings or staff functions of a nature other than social;

  • To complete all job assignments;

  • To be ethical and professional in conduct, both on and off-campus;

  • To confront all persons about their conduct and responsibility to the overall community, as well as the segment they may be influencing;

  • To exhibit inter and intra-staff unity and consistency;

  • To maintain satisfactory academic standing;

  • To exemplify the values and philosophy of student development.

The head resident is responsible for the total operation of the hall.  Responsibilities include those listed below plus those listed for resident assistants.

Administration of the hall

  • Supervise and coordinate the resources of the resident assistants in the hall.

  • Act as a source of information for resident assistants; rules and regulations, hall policies, campus resources, etc.

  • Coordinate reports: occupancy reports, staff reports, damage reports, etc.

  • Communicate regularly with the student development office in order to aid in hall coordination.

  • Act as the College representative to the public.  Make initial contacts with parents as student move into the hall.

  • Be aware of conditions within the hall to insure that it is a good place to live.

  • Be responsible for the efficient operation of the hall office, duty scheduling, programming, etc.

  • Call and chair regular hall staff meetings outside of those scheduled with the student development office.

Work with individual students

  • Know residents of hall by actively participating in hall functions and initiating contacts that will increase rapport.

  • Handle referrals; less serious discipline cases, first-level counseling cases, etc.

  • Know when and where to refer those students who need special help.

Advise student groups and assist with program development

  • Advise hall council.

  • Keep in close communication with RAs’ advising other hall groups, i.e. programming groups, etc.

  • Work with individual chairmen as programs are developed.

  • Support programs of the residence halls and supervise RA program planning.