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Join the Res Life Team

So you want to be a leader, huh? You want to be the superstar, the VIP, the bigwig? Joining the Monmouth College Residence Life team as a Resident Assistant or Greek Life House Manager is a sure way to gain valuable experience in leadership, communications, and organization. Also, it beefs up your resume, too. And speaking of resumes, check out careers of past Res Life staffers who’ve made it big. They’ve been successful in their careers because they were leaders. If you like a challenge, if you like helping people, and if you want to have great opportunities down the road, you should join the residence life team by being a Resident Assistant or House Manager. Be a Scot. Be a leader.

NO WAY! These RAs Made the BIG TIME

Adam Sandler
New York University

Paul Reiser
Comedian, TV Producer
Binghamton University

Mike Ditka
Chicago Bears Head Coach
University of Pittsburgh

Jerry O’Connell
New York University

Rusty Greer
Texas Rangers baseball player
University of Montevallo

WWE Superstar
University of Tampa

Katie Couric
CBS Anchor
University of Virginia

Hillary Clinton
U.S. Secretary of State
Wellesly College

Wesley Snipes
State U. of New York

Sheryl Crowe
Grammy-winning Singer
U. of Missouri at Columbia