Documentation Guidelines for Medical, Physical, and Visual Impairments

Students whose disabling conditions are readily apparent are eligible for services. For additional accommodations and for students with invisible conditions, the student must provide current documentation of the disabling condition and the resulting functional limitations. Such documentation must be prepared by a qualified professional and should be current. The professional who prepares this documentation should include the following information:

  • Diagnosis
  • Date of diagnosis
  • Date of last clinical contact with student
  • Approximate duration of disorder
  • Severity of disorder
  • Description of the student's functional limitations in an educational setting
  • Additional information that seems helpful in determining the nature and severity of the student's disability
  • Additional recommendations that may assist in determining appropriate accommodations and intervention

In some circumstances, such as an unfamiliar disease or disabling condition and/or if the documentation is unclear, it may be referred to other on-campus professionals for review and recommendations. Disability Services will make the final decision regarding appropriate accommodations based on all of the relevant information.