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Clubs, Committees & Organizations

Clubs and Organizations:
Umoja (Unity)
Mission: UMOJA’s mission is to promote African American culture through programming at Monmouth College. It represents the academic, cultural and political interests of students who aim to promote and educate people about African  American Culture
Membership: Open to all Monmouth College students interested in cultural and ethnic diversity, regardless of race, religion, sex, or nationality.
Meetings: Once a week.
Colorful Voices of Praise (CVoP) Gospel Choir:
Mission: The mission of Colorful Voices of Praise is to create a “home church” away from home and to strive to lead others to know Christ our Lord and Savior through music and arts rooted in the black church.
Membership: CVoP Gospel Choir is open to all students of Monmouth College. Auditions not required
Meetings: Once a week.
International Club:
Mission: The club fosters understanding and awareness of cultures from around the world. International club also sponsors programs which promote the cause of international relations. Members of International club represent many different countries.
Membership: Open to all MC students
Meetings: Once a week.
Mission: Raices aims to promote Latino/Latina and Mexicana cultural awareness. Raices seeks to promote unity and understanding about the Latino/Latina and Mexicana Community through cultural programs.
Membership: Open to all MC students.
Meetings: Once a week.
Mission: Spectrum seeks to provide a support system to the LGBTQA (Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Ally) community and provide an
educational environment for those seeking knowledge of acceptance and diversity.
Membership: Open to all MC students.
Meetings: Once a week.
Intercultural Life Student Committees
  • Academic Table Committee - Mission: Oversees the running of the Study Tables.

  • Social Issues and Outreach Committee: Mission - Oversees Issues relating to the well-being of Minority and Multicultural Students.

  • Social Events Committee: Mission - Organizes Social Events

  • Socialization and Public Relations Committee: Mission - Publicizes Planned Events

Academic Study Tables
Study Tables are held in the Center for Science and Business on Tuesdays and Thursdays (7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.) and Sundays (7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.).
They are a great place to:
  • Learn to prioritize your schedule
  • Focus on academics
  • Receive academic coaching
Don’t forget to bring the following:
  • Homework, lab work, books, supplies
  • Headphones (if they help you concentrate)
  • Pen, pencil, paper and highlighter
The Challenge
  • To pursue academic excellence through participation in an intensive and individualized support program.
  • To provide leadership in support of Monmouth College’s efforts at maintaining a diverse and multicultural community of leaders.
The Support
  • Training that prepares students for leadership roles on campus
  • Peer mentor program
  • Resources to help students excel
Advisor: Ruby Pentsil-Bukari
Director of Intercultural Life
Rm. 103, Intercultural House
Office Phone Number: 309-457-3612
Office Fax Number: 309-457-2363
Office Hours M-F 8:00-12 & 1:00-5:00pm and by appt.