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Intercultural Life

Center for Intercultural Life
The Center for Intercultural Life provides support to meet the needs of American minority students and international students at Monmouth College.
Monmouth College places a strong emphasis on diversity. Nearly 25 percent of our enrollment is made up of American minority students and students who come from other countries around the world.

The mission of the Center for Intercultural Life is to create an environment that is inclusive, supportive and welcoming of historically under-represented student groups and students from other countries.

The vision of the Center for Intercultural Life is to see Monmouth College students acquire an understanding of the myriad of cultures that exist in U.S. society and to acquire the skills to live, celebrate and appreciate the diversity of those cultures.

Services Offered
  • Personal and academic advising
  • Help with transition to Monmouth College  
  • Information on scholarships, internships and employment opportunities with the help of other campus offices
  • Intercultural programming

Ruby Pentsil-Bukari
Director of Intercultural Life
Rm. 103, Intercultural House
Office Phone Number: 309-457-3612
Office Fax Number: 309-457-2363