Image of McMichael Residence Hall

T.H. McMichael Hall / Bookstore

Located on the south-east side of the campus, McMichael Hall can accommodate over 100 women. The recent renovation to the hall has made it both comfortable and classical.  Most rooms are double occupancy. There are a few single rooms in the hall. Each student room has two windows. Floors in the entire hall are carpeted. There is a closet for each student and each room is furnished with bunkable beds, mattress, study desks with chairs, and dressers. Rooms also have an internet connection for two and a shared telephone jack.  “McMike” features high ceilings, a lounge on every floor and a personal sink in each room.

McMike was built in 1914 as college's first dormitory. Named for college's fourth president, Rev. T.H. McMichael, who was the president for 33 years.  Original building cost: $120,000. Architect: Dan Everett Waid, class of 1887.  When originally built the building was named McMichael Home and provided living quarters for 85 women, a dining hall, a kitchen, recreational rooms, and an infirmary.  The Hall underwent $3.5 million renovation in 1997-98.
Window treatments provided.
Mattress Size: 36 x 80 inches

Monmouth College Bookstore:
Located on the lower level of McMichael Residence Hall, the Monmouth College Bookstore sells not only books, but a variety of specialty clothing, gifts, office supplies and stationery. A perfect place to do all of your Christmas shopping. Students can also visit the book store on-line to reserve and order their books. They will then be ready to pick up at a later date.