Image of Grier Hall

Grier Hall

Grier, a three story women’s residence that is home to the Underground Café on the lower level.  An attractive colonial style building, Grier Hall is located on the east side of campus. A beautiful lounge and comfortable rooms give it a very homey look. Over the years, the hall has developed a “personality” of its own. Like McMichael Hall, Grier accommodates over 100 women. Student rooms open into spacious hallways. Most rooms are double occupancy rooms with some single rooms available. Each double room has two windows. Single rooms have one window. There is a closet for each student. Rooms are furnished with bunkable beds, mattress, study desks with chairs, and dressers. Rooms have an internet connection for two and a shared telephone jack.

Built in 1947 and named after James Harper Grier, the college’s fifth president.  When it was built Grier was the third residence hall on campus.
Window treatments provided
Mattress size: 36x80 inches