Image of Cleland Hall

Cleland Hall

The clustered room arrangement of this hall for men provides residents with extra privacy. Arranged in wings, each floor has a lounge and modern furnishings. Large windows and spacious closets complement each room. A recreation room features comfortable furnishings, a wide screen TV, a kitchenette, and a ping pong table. The hall also features an open courtyard.

Most student rooms are double occupancy rooms with some single rooms also available. Each double room has three windows. Single rooms have two windows. There is a closet for each student. Student rooms are furnished with loftable beds, study desks with chairs, and dressers. Rooms also have an internet connection for two and a shared telephone jack. There are two mini-computer labs located in Cleland Hall for student use.
Built in 1966 the hall was named for John and Eva Cleland (husband and wife), who were, respectively, former dean and former professor of English.

Window treatments provided
Mattress size: 36x80 inches