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Monmouth College creates new way to recognize young alumni supporters

Barry McNamara
MONMOUTH, Ill. – Monmouth College has a new way to celebrate its young alumni who give back to the College. Alumni who graduated less than 10 years ago now have special access to the College’s prestigious 1853 Society.

“Many years ago, it became clear that we needed to recognize our elite donors who support the College with their yearly gifts,” said Mollie Harrod, the program’s associate director. “This was the founding principle of the 1853 Society, which recognizes donors who contribute $1,000 or above to Monmouth College each year.”

With the beginning of the 2017-18 fiscal year on July 1, graduates of the last decade can join the 1853 Society even if they give less than $1,000 a year to their alma mater. The donation required for membership depends on the number of years that an alumnus/a has been out of Monmouth.

Entrance to the society will start at $100 for 2017 graduates, which is a monthly gift of $8.34. For each year an alum is out of school, the membership requirement will increase by $100 until the $1,000 level is reached in the 10th year.

Harrod said monthly contributions are preferred “because we understand that making a leadership gift when you are first out of school is a lot of money.”

“We want to make this process as easy and hassle-free as possible, and monthly contributions assist with that,” she said.

Gifts can be restricted, although Harrod said gifts to the Monmouth Fund or the Fighting Scots Society are most needed, as they help fund a wide range of expenses, including academic scholarships.

Membership in the 1853 Society also gives donors special access to the College.

“We have many fun events on and off campus to thank our donors,” said Harrod. “At these events, donors can network with alumni from across the country and from a variety of industries. They will find themselves in the company of leaders in the Monmouth community such as major donors and members of the College’s board of trustees.”

To enroll in the program, alumni may call Harrod at or 309-457-2319. Individuals can also go online to, make a first contribution and put “Count Me In!” in the comments section. Harrod will then reach out to set up monthly contributions.

“As a private institution, we thrive off the generous alumni who make it possible for our faculty and staff to dedicate ourselves to freeing the possibilities in the lives of so many young people,” said Harrod. “This new program will enhance our tradition of giving.”