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MC gave her the world

Barry McNamara
Although she was a product of Monmouth College’s political economy and commerce department, Lindsay Bero credits her overall liberal arts experience for her career success.

A 2006 graduate who majored in international business, Bero says she squeezed every possible experience out of her education, from singing in the Chorale and performing in an opera, to serving on the executive board of Student Senate.

Even more vital, she said, was taking advantage of off-campus study opportunities. Bero spent a semester in an exchange program with Umea University in Sweden and also traveled to Japan with other business students. Both experiences have contributed to the success she is experiencing at Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company made up of more than 223,000 employees who serve clients in more than 120 countries.

“My ‘ah-ha’ moment at Accenture was when I realized the extensive global nature of my work,” Bero said. “I work with a truly international team from all corners of the world – from India, to China, to the UK, to Canada. I’ve come to appreciate how critical and life-changing my semester in Sweden and time in Japan hav been to my contributions to a very global firm. My travels in college were an essential building block. I feel very comfortable traveling internationally for work and experiencing different languages, cuisines and cultures.”

Hired by Accenture in 2006, Bero supports the planning and management of learning engagements for the global Accenture strategy practice. She oversees the execution of the strategy practice and manages teams, working directly with her clients to help them achieve. Her goal is to transition her clients into a profit-oriented, learning-driven business environment. In short, she is responsible for ensuring that Accenture provides its clients with the best training in the market.

One of Bero’s responsibilities is to oversee the skill level assessment for each Accenture strategist.

“Assessing the skills of very bright and motivated people certainly has its challenges,” she said. “Rarely do you find the individual who feels the lower-level course to brush up on needed learning is necessary. Each wants the hardest course and most challenging curriculum. Telling them that they need otherwise can bring about high levels of tension, to say the least.”

Each year, Accenture offers thousands of training courses globally, both in the classroom and electronically. In fact, Bero reported, Accenture offers 80 percent more training than its competitors and this year was ranked by in an elite group of 20 companies as an industry leader in training outsourcing.

“The Accenture environment is ambitious, fast-paced and highly focused,” she said. “Consulting is a highly competitive field. Daily, we are up against firms like IBM and Deloitte, all competing for consulting projects and outsourcing assignments worldwide. My job is to make sure our people receive all the necessary knowledge and skills to remain competitive and stay ahead of the curve.”

The vast majority of the instructors she works with are top senior executives who have been with Accenture for many years.

One of Bero’s projects is a program called Strategy College, a training seminar developed to offer more than 60 courses in one week to approximately 300 strategists. It is presented by approximately 60 faculty members and is offered eight times each year.

“You are one of Accenture’s best if you are asked to present,” she said. “Faculty share invaluable war stories and teach both theory and practice. Accenture employees are a tough crowd, so one has to be very good to keep such a bright class engaged.”

Bero says she loved her experience at Monmouth and encourages students – even those with no interest in business – to study abroad.

“It will give you perspective and insights that will provide a competitive edge when you are interviewed or being evaluated for promotions and projects.”

Bero knows whereof she speaks, as she has been promoted twice while at Accenture. She is currently project lead specialist for Accenture’s Business Process Outsourcing team.