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Nine one-act plays to be performed at MC

Mike Bennett
A ticket to a Broadway play is costs more than $100, but at Monmouth College, audience members can see nine student-directed plays for just $2 on the evenings of April 30 and May 1.

The set of plays will be presented at 7 p.m. both days at the WIT Theatre on the lower level of the Haldemen-Thiessen Science Center. After the April 30 performances, the audience is invited to join the directors for a question-and-answer session.

When asked about the experience she has gained from being in the college’s directing class, junior Rachel Whitlock of Newark replied, “Directing has been a learning experience.  Through in-class exercise and out-of-the-classroom experience, I can feel myself growing, not only as a director, but as a theatre student. I have been working hard with some very talented students who want to put on a great show for you.”

Marcus Bailey, a senior from Knoxville, added, “The student-directed one-acts have given me a chance to truly delve into a character while not having to commit to a full-length production. This is a great opportunity to see the deep talent pool that Monmouth College has to offer.”

More information about the one-act plays is available by calling Mike Bennett at 309-351-1752.

Due to mature content in some of the plays, the evening of one-acts is not suitable for children under 13.