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Research by three MC student chosen for new MJUR

Work by three Monmouth College students appears in the fourth volume of the Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research (MJUR), which was recently published.
Alex Brooks and Mike Stees, who both graduated from Monmouth last May, are the co-authors of “Unsupervised Part-of-Speech Tagging: An Introduction.” Jared Johnson, a senior from Chillicothe, co-authored “Relativistic: Jets Emanating from a Black Hole Due to the Acceleration by the Magnetic Field Generated by the Accretion Disk” with Adrien Saremi, a student at the University of Alabama-Huntsville.
The MJUR is a peer-reviewed undergraduate academic journal published at Monmouth College under the direction of a student editorial board and faculty advisory group. Submissions are subjected to a “blind” review process by student editors, as well as by faculty members from Monmouth and other institutions.
The newest edition of MJUR features seven of the 28 submissions received from undergraduate students representing 18 colleges and universities in the United States and Great Britain. The chosen manuscripts represent student research from six colleges and universities in the disciplines of communication studies, political science, astrophysics, English, philosophy, and math and computing. David Spadafora, president of the distinguished Newberry Library in Chicago, contributed the introductory letter.
The MJUR is grateful to Monmouth College alumni Robert Best’ 62, Margaret Bozarth’ 61, Joan Strand Kotz ’64 and Dee Ann Shuff ’63 for their generous gifts that enable the journal’s operation and publication on an ongoing basis.