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What is MC's No. 1 room?

Barry McNamara
With the first selection in Monmouth College’s 2010 housing sign-up, Tim Seyller selects …

Based on the number of college class credits he has accumulated, Seyller, a senior from Hampshire, holds the No. 1 spot on the list of students who will require campus housing next fall. He will officially get to make that selection in a few days, right before the National Football League begins its annual draft.

Just as different NFL teams have varying needs, causing them to bypass, say, a cannon-armed quarterback for an imposing defensive lineman, there is no clear consensus on what the “can’t miss” room is. The top few students all had different ideas, starting with Seyller, who first explained how his name floated to the top.

“I knew my being No. 1 on the list was coming,” he said. “Freshman through junior year, I was usually taking 17-20 credits per semester (a common course load at Monmouth is 15-16 credits). I also came to school freshman year with a semester’s worth of college credits from high school. In addition, I’ve taken summer classes every year.”

He continued, “Some may think I’m nuts, but in reality, I was doing what I had to do. I’m a music education major with a math endorsement, so my major is pretty extensive. Last year I was No. 42 on the list, so I knew that I would be close to the top this year.”

So where will Seyller choose to live with his coveted top spot?

“I’ve decided next year I would like to live in a single,” he said. “I’m not sure exactly what room I will sign up for, but I will be trying for Peterson Hall (Monmouth’s newest residence hall). Since it’s been around, it seems to be the quietest of the upperclassmen dorms. I’ll be student teaching next year, so I think I will benefit from being in a quiet environment.”

All the students with high numbers moved up a little more when the No. 2 student on the list, Julie Brodrick, met her graduation requirements. She’s also a non-traditional student, so she lived off campus anyway.

“If I were to choose,” said Brodrick, “I’d pick the head resident’s room in Bowers Hall. It’s like its own little apartment.”

That gives the next pick to Morgan Koss, a senior from Manalapan, N.J., who will be the beneficiary of a recent campus development.

“Despite having the choice of practically any room of campus, I am planning to live in the soon-to-be built Alpha Xi Delta house,” she said. “I’m excited for the opportunity to live with all of my sisters.”

One of the next students “on the clock” is Jeff Whitmore, a senior from Albany.

“I was excited when I realized I had a high number, because I could live basically wherever I wanted,” said Whitmore. “It didn’t surprise me, though, because I have enough credits to graduate, but I still have to student teach.”

Unlike Seyller, Whitmore is planning on having company, so his lucky roommates – sophomore Jared Cernansky of Sparta, junior Mike Roberts of Peoria and sophomore Craig Maher of Lockport, Ind. – are the beneficiaries of his lofty pick.

“I plan on living in the (Founders Village) apartments because I want my own kitchen,” he said. “We hope to get into the block housing. There are only two rooms available for male block housing, so we hope to get one of them. I would prefer the one as soon as you walk in because I don’t want to live in the basement. If the block scheduling doesn’t work out, I plan on living in the apartments on one of the top floors because no one is above you making any noise.”

Although it appears four different venues will be chosen by four of the first students in Monmouth College’s housing sign-up, there is one common factor. They all feature air conditioning, making all of them a cool choice for the students with the most academic credits.