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Monmouth College office has a new name: Campus Safety

Barry McNamara
The office committed to keeping the Monmouth College campus safe will continue its efforts under a new name – Campus Safety.

The change drops the words “and Security” from its previous name.

“’Security’ feels like an authoritarian word,” said Campus Safety Office Director Andy Davis. “We’re getting away from that and putting a friendlier face on it. As far as the services we’re providing, nothing’s going to change.”

Davis said that those who work for the office will now be called “safety guards.”

“We’re slowly doing it,” he said. “We’ll be changing the vehicles, changing our website and changing our business cards. Of course, we’re listed on the sites and publications of others offices on campus, and that’s going to take a while to cycle through.”

Among the office’s services that won’t change is staffing the campus throughout the summer.

“With all the programs the College provides during the summer, like Golden Scots, College For Kids and sports camps, we have a need for our staff to be here,” said Davis, who began his current position in 2015.