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MC program matches international students with host families

Pictured in the front row are Kari Painter and Tim Painter. In the back row are Martha Whiteman, Ralph Whiteman, Meabh Bannon, Yann Larriau-Labree, Majorie Smolensky, Pritesh Chalise, Aung Tun, James Godde and Trudy Godde. The Painters, Whitemans, Smolenskys and Goddes served as host family for international students at Monmouth during the past academic year.
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When international students arrive at Monmouth College, they soon get to know Ruby Pentsil-Bukari, who directs MC’s office of intercultural life.
But many international students also get to know another set of adults in the Monmouth community – their host family. As the spring semester came to a close, several international students met with their families once last time at an event coordinated by Pentsil-Bukari’s office.
“This was an occasion to say goodbye and also to connect with and encourage the international students who are staying at Monmouth to continue seeking their degree,” she said.
International students paired with families for the 2012-13 academic year included Yann Lariau-Labree of France (hosted by Tim and Kari Painter); Meabh Bannon of Ireland (hosted by Ralph and Martha Whiteman); Pritesh Chalise of Nepal (hosted by Ira and Majorie Smolensky); Aung Tun of Myanmar (hosted by James and Trudy Godde); and Hiromi Hiraizumi from Japan (hosted by Paul and Kathy Rickey).
“In the fall, we will be welcoming degree-seeking students from Syria, India, Egypt, Myanmar and the United Arab Emirates, and exchange students from Austria, Costa Rica, Sweden, France, Bulgaria and Pakistan,” said Pentsil-Bukari.
Families interested in hosting international students for the 2013-14 academic year can contact Pentsil-Bukari at 309-457-2241.