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Capener named vice president at MC

Barry McNamara
President Mauri Ditzler recently announced that associate professor Don Capener will fill a new vice president position at Monmouth College.

“I am pleased to report that Don Capener has accepted an invitation to spend the next 18 months serving as vice president for strategic planning,” said Ditzler. “He will bring his extensive experience in marketing – both as a practitioner and professor – to bear on a series of tasks that require immediate attention. Don’s marketing expertise, when combined with his thorough knowledge of our academic programs, make him an ideal candidate for this task.”

The need for a senior appointment in the area of marketing is not new, Ditzler said, noting that it was the central recommendation of an external review in 2002, and more recently, was endorsed by an ad hoc marketing committee of MC’s Board of Trustees.

“The charge to Vice President Capener is to move beyond simply marketing our existing programs by helping us understand what the market expects of a high-value institution,” added Ditzler.

Capener, who joined the faculty in 2001, earned his B.A. in political science and economics in 1984 from Brigham Young University and his MBA/MIM in 1985 from the Thunderbird School of International Management.

His professional career began in 1985 as an international advertising manager at FCB Worldwide on the Colgate Palmolive account, and he has successfully driven marketing advertising programs for other companies such as Fuji Film and Eddie Bauer. He also directed efforts for three major Visa promotional campaigns, including “It’s everywhere you want to be,” while at Frankel & Company in Chicago and was president and owner of Capener, Matthews & Walcher, the third-largest advertising agency in San Diego, from 1989-93.

Later in his career, he led large multi-disciplinary teams as a chief marketing officer and one of the founders of Above The Rim and software developer Netcentives, Inc.