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MC receives grant to host student seminar on Nov. 16

Monmouth College has secured a grant from the organization Bringing Theory to Practice, enabling it to host a seminar for students on Nov. 16.
Ttitled “Fostering Civic Skills: Exploring the Role of ‘Fundamentals of Communication’ in Monmouth College’s Education of the Student/Citizen,” the seminar will be hosted by MC’s communication studies department and its Communication Across the Curriculum (CAC) program.
“Our goals are twofold,” said assistant professor Bridget Draxler, who directs the CAC program. “We want to identify the skills that Monmouth students need in order to perform well in upper-level Integrated Studies courses and, especially, the skills they need to be engaged campus, community and world citizens. We also will consider the role that our introductory communication studies could play as a beginning point for citizenship development in the Integrated Studies program.”
In the 2012-2014 funding round, Bringing Theory to Practice, an independent organization working in partnership with the Association of American Colleges and Universities, received several hundred requests for support, and Monmouth College’s proposal was one that received funding.
Seminar participants will receive short readings prior to the event that will anchor large and small group discussions about issues such as the place of civic engagement initiatives in a liberal arts education and the purpose of a student’s first-year courses in those initiatives.