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'Media and Foreign Policy’ is topic of next Great Decisions

MONMOUTH, Ill. – Foreign policy is tweeted from the White House and “fake news” has entered the zeitgeist.

Monmouth College communication studies professor Robert Hinck will help sort out what that means when he leads a Great Decisions discussion on “Media and Foreign Policy” at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 14 in Room 276 of the College’s Center for Science and Business.

Hinck will discuss how state and non-state actors today must maneuver a complex and rapidly evolving media landscape. Conventional journalism now competes with user-generated content, and official channels of communication can be circumvented through social media. Cyberwarfare, hacking and misinformation pose complex security threats.

Hinck and the Great Decisions group will attempt to answer such questions as: How are actors using media to pursue and defend their interests in the international arena? What are the implications for U.S. policy?

Great Decisions is a nationwide program sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association, a non-partisan, non-governmental association that works to increase Americans’ understanding of significant foreign policy issues.