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Strategist Grubbs to speak to political science classes

Steve Grubbs, founder of Victory Enterprises, Inc., an advertising agency and public relations firm in Davenport, Iowa, will return to the Monmouth College campus on Oct. 16 to speak to two political science classes.
A Republican strategist who was previously a guest lecturer and a panelist for Monmouth’s 2010 election analysis forum, Grubbs will speak to political science lecturer Robin Johnson’s Campaign Methods class at 9 a.m. and to his Politics and Government in the Midwest class at 10 a.m. Both classes are held in the new Center for Science and Business.
“In the Campaign Methods course, he will be discussing the role of political consultants in campaigns and his experiences designing TV ads, developing winning messages and innovations in campaign methods,” said Johnson. “In the Midwest course, he will be discussing his experiences working campaigns in Midwestern states and differences in people, culture and campaign techniques in the Midwest compared with other regions.”
Grubbs and his wife, Kelli, are the founders of both Victory Enterprises and, an online retailer of promotional items, signs and specialty gifts. The two companies employ approximately 80 people and were founded in 1997 and 2000, respectively.
A graduate of the University of Iowa, where he studied finance and law, Grubbs served in the Iowa House of Representatives from 1991 to 1997. In the 1996 Presidential campaign, he was the state co-chair of Sen. Bob Dole’s Iowa campaign, and in 2000, he served as senior advisor to the Forbes for President national campaign. During the 1997-98 campaign cycle, he was state chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa.