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MC is offering MAP replacement assistance

Illinois students who were resigned to missing out on their opportunity to attend a four-year college this fall now have a second chance, thanks to a program that Monmouth College is bringing back for a second year.
Last year, through the generosity of an anonymous donor, the college offered to help new prospective students by providing financial aid assistance to cover the Illinois Monetary Assistance Program (MAP) grant funds, which ran out in mid-March.
As of March 1 this year, MAP funding for the 2013-14 academic year has run out. Monmouth College will award MAP replacement grants, up to $4,720, to new prospective students, provided they are Illinois residents, meet financial aid criteria and are admissible students to Monmouth.
“A student/family is considered eligible for the Illinois MAP grant if they are residents of Illinois and have an estimated family contribution (EFC) of less than $9,000,” said Jayne Schreck, MC’s director of financial aid. Schreck explained that the EFC is calculated after a student/family completes a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
The college is only offering the MAP replacement fund money to students who are eligible to receive a MAP grant and who are attending Monmouth for the first time.
“Our current students are held accountable to filing the FAFSA on time,” she said, noting that her office has various programs in place to ensure they meet the deadline, including “FAFSA Frenzy,” which gives current students the opportunity to meet with financial aid staff. 
Students interested in applying to Monmouth for the first time or in re-opening their applications should contact the college’s office of admission by phone at 800-74-SCOTS or by e-mail at
“Everybody does their part to help our younger generation get the education they need,” said Monmouth College president Mauri Ditzler. “It often requires making some sacrifices. Parents have made those sacrifices, the state has made its sacrifices, and we’re willing to make that sacrifice, too. We’re all pulling together to get these students through a tough time, and we have to continue to work together to make things right.”