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Haq authors chapter on Pakistan

Barry McNamara
Farhat Haq, Professor of Political Science
Farhat Haq, chair of the political science department at Monmouth College, has authored a chapter about Pakistan in a recently published book covering several nations in South Asia.

Haq wrote the chapter “Pakistan: A State for the Muslims or an Islamic State?” in the book “Religion and Politics in South Asia” (Routledge, 2010), which was edited by Ali Riaz.

Riaz, who is chair of the department of politics and government at Illinois State University, previously worked as a broadcast journalist for BBC. He wrote a chapter on Bangladesh and sought contributions from experts on five other nations in South Asia: Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

“The growing importance of religion as a marker of identity and a tool of political mobilization is reshaping the political landscape in an unprecedented manner,” wrote Riaz. “South Asia, which contains the world’s largest populations of Muslims and Hindus, as well as significant numbers of Buddhists, is no exception to this fact.”

Haq’s chapter begins: “Pakistan, a country approximately twice the size of California with over 165 million people and currently the only Muslim country with nuclear weapons, has become a favorite site for a doomsday scenario for the press.”
She ultimately asks the question, “Can Pakistan afford to continue subcontracting its foreign policy to the jihadis and using Islam as an alibi against creating a democratic system that accommodates the interests of all parts of Pakistan?”

A graduate of the State University of New York at Fredonia, Haq earned her master’s degree in government from Cornell University in 1983 and her Ph.D. in government from Cornell in 1987. She joined the Monmouth College faculty in 1987 and, six years later, won the prestigious Burlington Northern Foundation Faculty Achievement Award.