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Coe faculty member to present next archaeology lecture

Angela Ziskowski, assistant professor of history at Coe College, will present the next archaeology lecture series program at Monmouth College on Feb. 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the Morgan Room in Poling Hall.
Titled “Bellerophon, Pegasos and the Chimaera: Myth and Identity in Ancient Corinth,” the talk is free and open to the public.
The myth of the hero Bellerophon played a significant role in the literary and artistic history of Corinth. Bellerophon, one of the only Corinthians mentioned in Homer, was best known for fighting the hybrid Chimaera with the aid of Pegasos.
Ziskowski’s lecture will explore the early popularity of this myth in local art and textual references and will argue for the importance of the story to the development of Corinthian identity.
“The myth connects the city with both the imagined land of Ephyra referenced in the Iliad and to the fountain of Peirene, a prominent landmark in the city,” Ziskowski said. “During the sixth century B.C. and later, Herakles – another monster-slaying hero from the Peloponnese – usurped facets of Bellerophon’s character in Corinthian vase-painting.”
The lecture is sponsored by the Monmouth College classics department, in cooperation with the Western Illinois Society of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA).