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Midwest expert Richard Longworth praises MC initiative

Richard Longworth

Richard Longworth, celebrated author of the bestselling book "Caught in the Middle: America's Heartland in the Age of Globalism" and former senior foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, was interviewed today about his upcoming Midwest Matters address on Friday, Oct. 21 at 2 p.m. in Wells Theater on the Monmouth College campus. Longworth praised Monmouth for “taking action when most other colleges are on still on the sidelines” with its Midwest Initiative. The Midwest Initiative at Monmouth includes eight specially designed courses, annual conferences and political forums, national and regional polls, student citizenship projects, entrepreneurial ventures, and leadership opportunities for students with the Midwest Governors Association.

Since the time I wrote the book, I’m definitely finding now that Midwesterners know what’s going on and know that this time things are different. The folks at Monmouth are mobilizing to do something about it.”

Dr. Don Capener, faculty member teaching international business and entrepreneurism at Monmouth participated in the interview discussion.
A podcast of the interview is available through Monmouth radio station WRAM.