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Harrison published in Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts

A scholarly article by Monmouth College faculty member Michael Harrison has been published in the current issue of Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts (JFA).

Titled “From Panel to Page: Queer Superhero Iconography in the Poetry of Álvaro Tato and the Narrative of Lluis Fernàndez,” the article appears in JFA’s third and final issue of 2011.

“This is particularly timely, as I am currently teaching for the first time a Reflections course I designed – Great Powers and Great Responsibilities: Superheroes, Philosophy and Identity,” said Harrison, who chairs MC’s modern foreign languages department. “So far, the course has been going very well.”

Harrison’s essay examines the use of the iconography of superhero comics in contemporary queer Spanish literature as a means of concisely conveying issues related to identity and gender expression. Tato’s love sonnet “Robin” uses superhero iconography to question readers’ expectations while drawing on many conventions of the genre such as the dual identity, sidekick and mask as signifiers of queer identity.

“Fernàndez’s camp novel ‘Espejo de amor y lujo’ similarly draws on superhero comics iconography through references to Superman, Atom Ant and Wonder Woman to comment on issues of subjectivity and empowered masculinity and femininity,” added Harrison.

JFA is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of the fantastic in literature, art, drama, film and popular media. It is published three times a year by the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts at Idaho State University.