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MC video contest

Jeff Rankin

Ever since Monmouth College adopted its current marketing slogan two decades ago, faculty and staff have become adept at telling external audiences why Monmouth is “what college was meant to be.”

Now MC students are being encouraged to get in on the act by producing short videos that tell the world what makes the college special.

At stake is a $3,000 prize for the individual or team submitting the best video, which will be awarded on May 14. A three-person judging panel will partially determine the results, as will the number of “likes” each video entry receives after it is posted on YouTube.  A prize of $500 will be awarded for second place.

Videos should be between five and seven minutes in length and should touch on topics such as the people, facilities, academics and activities of Monmouth College. The deadline to post an entry on YouTube is Wednesday, May 11.

For more information and for downloadable entry forms, go to: