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Two MC students lead hunger fundraiser

Barry McNamara
Monmouth College students Adile Deliimam (left) and Yendry Torres have raised more than $1,250 through a Kids Against Hunger project they started on campus.
Two international students at Monmouth College are spearheading a fundraiser to support Kids Against Hunger, a U.S.-based humanitarian food-aid organization.

Bulgarian exchange student Adile Deliimam and Yendry Torres, who is from Costa Rica, raised money through the sale of handmade bracelets to purchase ingredients to help some of the millions of hungry children throughout the world. On April 24, they will lead a food packaging event on campus.

“We all know that there is severe hunger faced by millions of people all over the world, and the children are the ones who suffer the most,” said Deliimam. “It is really unfair how we have an abundance of food and sometimes we even do not like what we have. But others cannot even find a piece of bread. We all know about this problem, but not many people act in order to solve it. If we all gave a little bit of support to these starving people, there wouldn’t be such a severe level of hunger around the world.”

After learning about Kids Against Hunger, Deliimam and Torres decided to act and make a difference by bringing a branch of the fundraising program to campus.

“We wanted to make the students and faculty more aware of the ongoing problem and get them involved more in the community,” said Deliimam, adding that through April 20, they had raised $1,256, which will be enough to make 5,024 packages of food. “At the beginning, our goal was $500. We couldn’t imagine that we could more than double that amount. It is really exciting, and we are really grateful to all of the people who supported us in this project.”

Donations of any amount can be sent to Monmouth College in care of the Rev. Dr. Teri Ott (MC’s chaplain), and designated “Kids Against Hunger.” Every quarter donated provides a nutritious meal that helps reverse malnutrition.

For more information on Kids Against Hunger, contact Wendy Allaman at or 309-221-5414.