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Monmouth receives IIE grant to support its Syrian students


Monmouth College has received an IIE-Syria Consortium Top-Up Grant to support several new Syrian students.
Working through the U.S. State Department with funding by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Institute of International Education (IIE) distributes the grants to Syria Consortium lead partner institutions, such as Monmouth. Through disbursements over the course of their studies at the college, the grants assist the students in meeting their academic expenses.
A year ago, Monmouth College took a leading role in the international initiative to provide higher education opportunities for Syrian students, admitting 12 students from the war-torn nation. The Chronicle of Higher Education took notice last November, publishing a long feature article about how the Syrian students had found an opportunity to flee “a brutal war” and continue college at Monmouth. The number of Syrian students is expected to grow by two at the start of the spring semester in January.
“The students who have joined Monmouth through this IIE-sponsored initiative have made rich contributions to the life of the Monmouth College community,” said associate dean of academic affairs Bren Tooley, who also serves as MC’s director of international initiatives and recruitment. “They have become leading participants in orchestra and other music ensembles, resident assistants, active members of the college’s interfaith initiative and chaplain’s office programs, fraternity brothers, soccer players, communication interns and members of research teams. We are fortunate to have them here.”
Beyond financial support, the IIE-Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis aims to provide both the students and the educational institutions with as much support as possible during the students’ pursuits of their degrees. In large part, that support comes through the mentoring program for students created by the nonprofit humanitarian relief organization Jusoor, an IIE partner seeking to assist Syrians displaced by the conflict in Syria.
The IIE/State Department consortium was launched in the hope that Syrian students, receiving the quality, liberal arts-grounded undergraduate education that Monmouth College and other consortial partners provide, will someday help to rebuild and revitalize Syria.