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MC's College For Kids to return for 34th year

Monmouth College’s popular student enrichment program, College For Kids (CFK), will return for its 34th year, June 16-27.
The annual program, which will be held weekday mornings, is open to qualifying students who have completed second through eighth grade. Tuition is $150, and registrations are being accepted through the end of April, due to overwhelming response.
Each participant takes three classes, choosing from such areas as fine arts, languages, computers, math, business, literature, writing, communication, logic, science and social studies. The classes begin at 9, 10 and 11 a.m., and students move on their own from building to building and classroom to classroom. In lieu of final exams, the last day of class is reserved for project-ending activities and an open house for parents. Course titles include such offerings as “Oh, Gee – It’s Glee” and “Kitchen Chemistry”
“We are excited this year to offer nine new classes, including ‘Fab Film’ and ‘You Too Can Be Indiana Jones,’” said CFK director Kathy Mainz, who noted that the majority of the CFK teachers are Monmouth College faculty or staff and, in the case of classics courses, students Emma Vanderpool and Tim Morris.
The College For Kids program now draws more than 400 students, challenging them with collegiate experiences that are different from a regular classroom, explained Mainz.
“Instructors use teaching methods appropriate to a college classroom, including discussion, inquiry, laboratory and hands-on activities,” she said.
To be eligible for College For Kids, students need to meet one of the following criteria: be currently enrolled in a gifted/talented or enrichment program; have scored at the 85th percentile or better on standardized tests or “exceeds standard” on ISAT; have scored at least 115 on cognitive abilities test; have submitted a portfolio of fine arts works for assessment; or have enrolled in CFK in a previous year. Additionally, said Mainz, a student can be accepted if a parent or teacher fills out a gifted characteristics matrix for which the student receives a sufficient score.
For more information, contact Mainz at 309-457-2361 or or visit Mainz, who also serves as the college’s biology lab manager, has nearly 25 years’ experience working with gifted/talented students, and has directed Monmouth’s College For Kids program since 2008