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CVOP fills Dahl Chapel with spiritual energy

Darlon Riviere '22
Photo by Anthony Williams '23
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MONMOUTH, Ill. – In addition to bringing a unique spiritual energy to the Monmouth College campus, last Saturday’s Gospel Explosion was a passing of the torch for the featured group, the Colorful Voices of Praise.

The concert’s mood ranged from elated levels of passion, characterized by CVOP’s emphatic closing song, “The Blood Still Works,” to more tender, somber moments of reflection, such as an opening moment of silence led by CVOP president Tia Lofton ’20 of Chicago, in special acknowledgment of lost loved ones.

The performance was filled with impressive showcases of talent and religious spirit through a selection of group and solo dances, songs, and spoken-word pieces, from both CVOP members and non-members.

Lofton said CVOP, which she described as “family, dedicated and supportive,” had been practicing for the event from the beginning of the fall semester, and the group’s hard work was evident onstage as the gospel singers poured their hearts and souls into their creative performances.

The concert was also an emotional one, because it was the last time that seniors Kary Lindsey, Chazzity Short and Lofton – all of Chicago – would participate in a major CVOP event. Accordingly, other members were delegated into new positions for the next year, including Deshja Meyers ’22 of Davenport, Iowa, who admitted she was a little nervous about assuming her new position as CVOP president.

“Last year, when I first joined CVOP, I had a friend who pretty much told me about it,” said Meyers, who sings in a choir in the Quad Cities. “He said, ‘You sing, so you should join,’ and I was like, ‘OK, I’ll come to a rehearsal.’ At first, I was sort of introverted about stuff like that, and they were really just like, ‘We welcome you, come in!’ And I’ve been in love ever since. This is a wonderful group of humans, very welcoming to literally everyone. There’s a really friendly level to it, and I love it.”