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Sig Eps honored for service

Barry McNamara
There will be a few more of Monmouth’s trademark maple trees in the city in the years to come thanks to a partnership between Monmouth College’s Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity chapter and the Monmouth Business Council.

The beautification project is an offshoot of “Sig Ep Saturdays,” an ongoing community service initiative.

"We enjoyed helping individuals out every weekend, but we wanted to make a bigger difference with a bigger project that would affect all of Monmouth,” explained chapter president Alex Holt, a sophomore from Evanston.

A half-dozen maple trees were planted at the end of April, and the fraternity was also honored during an April 30 ceremony that announced the Monmouth Business Council’s new beautification project.

"This year, we have really focused on service and have had success getting our guys out there to help the community,” said Holt, who noted that more half of Sig Ep’s 40 members attended two tree planting and mulching sessions in April.

Sigma Phi Epsilon expects to continue its involvement with the project in future academic years, and Holt said he hopes the rest of the campus community gets involved, too.

"While 40 guys might be a lot of people, 1,400 people (Monmouth’s approximate enrollment) is even more, and with even more help, we could do a lot more to help the community,” he said.