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MC has entry in Midwestern Governors Association video contest

To view video or vote in the contest, follow the links in the story below.
Business and science students aren’t the only ones experiencing interdisciplinary learning at Monmouth College.
The latest mix of disciplines involves communication studies and political science. Students in Chris Goble’s Advanced Television Workshop class worked with Robin Johnson’s Politics and Government in the Midwest class to create an entry for the Midwestern Governors Association’s “America’s Smartland” video contest.
Johnson’s students developed the concepts for the video and wrote draft scripts while Goble’s class refined the scripts and produced the ad. The concepts for the video were based on subject matter from Johnson’s course about the history, people, economy, politics and culture of the Midwest region.
“The project provides first-hand experience for students to learn about the Midwest and put their knowledge to work in a creative way,” said Johnson. “Since voting for the winning videos is open to the public, the project gives Monmouth regional and national visibility as well as with the Midwestern Governors Association. The video project is also an effective demonstration of integrated learning at Monmouth, with students from two classes working together and combining skills for a successful outcome.”
Johnson, who has actively been involved in MGA initiatives, said the purpose of the contest is to share with the larger world what makes the Midwest conducive to raising a family, getting an education and starting a business.
Titled “So You Think We’re Boring?,” the 90-second video features more than a half-dozen students, who promote the Midwest by listing some of its notable citizens and accomplishments. It concludes with the line, “Come. See. Let us surprise you.”
To view for Monmouth’s entry, go to To vote in the contest, go to
The first-place entry will receive a $2,500 prize, with $1,000 going to the runner-up. Winners will be selected after Dec. 3.
“Projects such as this show students that whatever their area of study, it has connections to many other areas,” said Goble. “The ability to collaborate across disciplines is key to future success. These interdisciplinary projects give my students opportunities to work for real clients and to execute a project that requires them to answer to an outside public, not just to me.”
The Midwestern Governors Association is a non-profit, bipartisan organization that brings together governors and their staff to address public policy issues of significance to the region. It seeks to foster regional development and coordinate a regional agenda, while facilitating the exchange of views and experiences on subjects of importance to the people of Midwestern states.