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College extends deposit deadline to June 1

Duane Bonifer
MONMOUTH, Ill. – Monmouth College is giving high school seniors and their families an extra month to make one of the most important decisions of their lives.

The College has extended its deposit deadline to June 1, a month after National Deposit Day on May 1.

“While we encourage students to commit today if they are ready to call Monmouth College ‘home’ for the next four years, we recognize that during this extraordinary period, many students and families need a little extra time to decide which college to attend,” said Monmouth Director of Admission Amanda Barwise. “We know that our public health challenges will be relatively short-term in nature, but deciding on where to attend college has long-term implications. So we felt it was important to give high school seniors and their families additional time to make their college decision this year.”

In addition to outreaching to high school seniors and their families, Barwise said that Monmouth Admission Office created a special Instagram account – @thisisMonmouth – to introduce members of the Class of 2024 to the College community.

“This gives high school seniors an opportunity to meet some of the faculty, staff and current students of Monmouth as well as some of the people who will be their fellow Scots for four years,” she said. “They can also reach out to members of the Class of 2024 featured in the posts if they have any questions about why they decided to attend Monmouth in the fall.”

Barwise said the COVID-19 pandemic has served as a reminder of the value of a liberal arts education.

“One of the strengths of the kind of liberal arts education offered by Monmouth is that it prepares graduates to deal with uncertainty in a rapidly changing world,” she said. “It’s hard to imagine a time when change and uncertainty have been more prevalent. Having a broad-based liberal arts education is more essential now than ever because people are being required to connect a lot of dots while also keeping a larger picture in focus.”

For more information about how to make a deposit to Monmouth, click here.