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MC's Vanderpool receives national Latin scholarship

Emma Vanderpool of Frankfort, Ill., an incoming freshman at Monmouth College and a graduate of Lincoln-Way East High School, was recently awarded a highly-coveted National Latin Honor Society Scholarship from the National Junior Classical League (NJCL).
To be eligible for this scholarship, an applicant must have been a member in good standing of the NJCL for at least three years; be a member of the NJCL Latin Honor Society; be planning to enter college in the upcoming academic year; be planning to major in and teach Latin, Greek or the classics; have superior grades in school; and write an essay on what honor and excellence mean.
“I first found out about Monmouth College from my Latin teacher (2004 Monmouth graduate Matthew Katsenes) when we were discussing colleges with good Latin programs,” said Vanderpool. “I ultimately decided to attend Monmouth because it has everything I want in a college – a really great Latin program, a campus full of tradition, small classes and close teacher-student relationships, a study abroad program and even a nice music program.”
In announcing the award, NJCL representative Sherry Jankowski wrote “Over 40 students from across the nation applied for NJCL and NLHS scholarships this year. The committee found Emma’s transcript, service to the Junior Classical League and love of learning particularly commendable.”
“During high school, I could very often be found ‘geeking out’ over a really great line of Cicero or Vergil, nitpicking over grammar details and scouring through history books. By the end of my sophomore year, I was certain that I wanted to combine my love of teaching with my love of Latin and history and become a high school Latin teacher. I couldn’t wait to take my studies to the collegiate level and begin diving into the vast infinity of the Classics.
Monmouth College regularly offers classics-related events and exhibits of interest to non-majors and the general public through its partnership with the Western Illinois Society of the Archaeological Institute of America and the annual Fox Classics Lecture. Its Shields Collection of Art and Antiquities features hundreds of artifacts from the ancient world. 
Students who receive outside scholarships to Monmouth College such as Vanderpool’s are able to apply 100 percent of the award to their education. Their scholarships awarded by Monmouth College itself are not negatively impacted, as is the case at many other schools.