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Even in Canada, Monmouth College at center of classics

For a small school, Monmouth College had a big impact on the recent meeting of Classical Association of the Middle West and South.

At the 113th meeting of the association, held April 5-8 in Kitchener, Ontario, Monmouth students and a faculty member presented papers, a Monmouth alumna and faculty member received awards, and a Monmouth faculty member, staff member and student handled a large portion of the meeting’s logistics.

Monmouth is the headquarters for Classical Association of the Middle West and South – also known as CAMWS – a 32-state, three-province organization with more than 1,500 members.

Award recipients at the conference included 2003 Monmouth graduate Dawn McRoberts Strauss, who teaches at Kenwood Academy High School in Chicago, and Assistant Professor of Classics Bob Holschuh Simmons. Strauss was presented with the Kraft Award for Excellence in Secondary School Teaching, while Simmons received the Outstanding Promotional Activity award from the Committee for the Promotion of Latin for the two Classics Days he coordinated on campus in 2016.

Three members of the Monmouth community presented at the conference: Simmons and students Emma Vanderpool ’17 of Frankfort, Ill., and Daniel Hintzke ’18 of Colona, Ill.

Vanderpool presented her paper “Hildebrand, Virgil and Brutus the Trojan.” Hintzke presented “Anakin Rex and Vader at Colonus: The Influence of Sophocles on George Lucas’ Tragic Hero.” Simmons’ paper was titled “The Sociology of Leaders ‘Befriending’ Followers in Late Fifth-Century Athens: Euripides’ Iphigenia in Aulis.”

Monmouth Capron Professor of Classics Tom Sienkewicz, who serves as CAMWS secretary-treasurer, and his administrative assistant, Jevanie Gillen, helped run the annual meeting. Vanderpool also took on many of the meeting’s organizational elements.

“Having Tom play the role of secretary-treasurer has not only brought to the campus and town Jevanie’s full-time administrative position and several student jobs, but also considerable name recognition and prestige for Monmouth College,” said Simmons. Sienkewicz and Gillen “are the ones that do the daily work of the organization throughout the year, and they handle the large majority of the logistics and orchestration of the annual meeting, which is a huge undertaking.”