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Phi Delta Theta chapter receives prestigious national award

The news earlier this month from the 80th Biennial Convention of Phi Delta Theta was so good that it couldn’t stay in Vegas. Monmouth College’s Illinois Gamma Chapter of the men’s social fraternity won the prestigious Kansas City Trophy, which is presented to the most outstanding chapter on a small-sized campus.
“To receive this award on behalf of Illinois Gamma was my proudest moment of my college career,” said president Matt Smith, a senior from Victoria, who attended the event in Las Vegas. “To see the culmination of six semesters of tireless work brought tears to my eyes. I cannot thank the chapter enough.”
The Kansas City Trophy is awarded to the chapter demonstrating all-around excellence in campus leadership, participation and internal chapter operations on campuses with less than 2,700 undergraduate men, and fewer than eight other fraternities.
Monmouth’s chapter also received the following awards:
• Bigger’s Ritual Award, which is presented to chapters demonstrating quality ritual performance in accordance with the laws of the fraternity;
• General Headquarters Trophy, which recognizes organization within the chapter and outstanding relations with Phi Delta Theta’s general headquarters;
• Gold Star Award, a broad honor encompassing outstanding chapter operations. risk management, alumni relations, event planning, dues collection, budgeting, behavior, involvement, recruitment, scholarship, chapter operations and a written scholarship program. 
“Every year, our Phi Delta Theta chapter members come back to campus with a positive attitude and the drive to excel and exceed their previous accomplishments,” said MC Greek life assistant director Billy Bernard, who will soon take over as associate director of the college’s Wackerle Career and Leadership Program. “The chapter leaders are strong and truly understand the role their fraternity plays on campus. The men are engaged in campus life and perform well academically. The Phi Delts continue to add value to the Monmouth College experience.”
Phi Delta Theta began in 1848 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, founded on the cardinal principles of friendship, sound learning and rectitude. Monmouth’s chapter received its charter in 2008.