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Calling all Scots

Barry McNamara
The largest gathering of Scots in Monmouth College history will occur on Sept. 13, when President Mauri Ditzler hosts its first-ever “phonecast” event. The 30-minute interactive phone call will begin at 7 p.m., CST.

The gathering is made possible by traditional technology with an innovative twist.

“You can think of the phonecast as a return to the old rural telephone party line, except that the party in this case will be everyone in the Monmouth College community,” said Molly Ball, vice president for development and college relations.

Another way to view the phonecast is that it is a cross between a giant conference call and a private call-in radio show.

When President Ditzler calls Monmouth College alumni, parents and friends for the live interactive conversation, he will be joined on the line by dean of the faculty David Timmerman and by Fighting Scots quarterback Alex Tanney, recipient of the 2009 Melberger Award.

One day prior to the phonecast, a phone call with a pre-recorded reminder message will be placed to Monmouth College alumni, parents and friends. On Sept. 13, they will be called again and, when they answer, they can choose to participate in the phonecast by simply staying on the line.

“The phonecast is a great way for our alumni and friends to connect with Monmouth College without leaving their homes,” said Ball. “They’ll be able to receive up-to-the-minute news on how the start of the academic year is going, including our enrollment and the progress on our new academic complex. Plus, Fighting Scots fans will have the opportunity to hear about the first two games of the football season.”

Organizers hope that several hundred individuals will opt to participate in the phonecast. To avoid scores of voices asking their questions at once, an “off-air” operator will field the questions and act as a moderator. Participants who are not able to ask their question “live” will be invited to record one following the conclusion of the 30-minute event.

“Now is a great time for alumni to contact our office and update their contact information,” said Ball. “That way, they can be sure to receive updates about the phonecast and participate in the event.”