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Follow Big Red to Scotland!

Melissa Lindsay
Big Red, Monmouth College's new mascot will be traveling to his homeland of Scotland in May 2011

The newest member of the Monmouth College family, a large but lovable Scottish warrior named Big Red, will lead a party of students and faculty in May 2011 on a weeklong visit to his homeland. The trip to Scotland will be the first of many for Monmouth students, as it inaugurates an exciting new study-abroad partnership with Scotland’s University of the Highlands (UHI).

Celebrating the 160th anniversary of the founding of Monmouth by Scottish Presbyterians, the novel “Heartland to the Highlands” program will be tuition-neutral, meaning students can attend UHI for essentially the same cost as attending Monmouth. They will also be able to enroll in courses at UHI that fulfill both major and general education requirements.

“Monmouth is very excited about its partnership with UHI,” said Don Capener, vice president for strategic planning, “We hope to see the number of our students traveling to Scotland steadily increase over the next few years.”

Students who travel to Scotland will participate in homestays, volunteer opportunities, and internships coordinated by UHI. Also, both students and faculty will have the opportunity to participate in research projects related to Scotland and the Midwest.

University of the Highlands is a partnership of colleges, learning, and research centers, working together to provide university-level education to people throughout the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and beyond. There are thirteen colleges in the university and they offer a wide variety of concentrations, from theology to marine biology.

To view a video about Big Red going to Scotland, click here.